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Buy Borland Delphi Professional Studio 7 Upgtade for
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Discount rates on Act! Software, Nero, Norton Internet Securtity and Omniform
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Fun for the Active Mind

A Random Fortune Cookie from the famous Unix Fortune Program (
Well worth the price of admission, this page presents you with a random saying every 120 seconds
Portal to Grant Funding Resources (
Links to resources for grant writers
Arts and Leisure (
Poetry Resources, Quotes, Internet Radio, Music, MIDI, a veritable potpourri...
Internet Radio Links (
KFOG,KALX,WHUS,Save Internet Radio, and other links of interest to internet listeners.
Internet Midi Resources (
Midi Portal: Midi Collections, Tutorials, Technical Specifications and Software for Windows and Linux
Pageviews (
Trivial Information of Interest ONLY to the Easily Amused
Inspirational Thoughts - Make Our World a Better Place (
Splendid words to contemplate; in the genre of Inspirational Optimism
Everything you wanted to know about the Usenet Oracle, but were afraid to ask (
The latest Internet Oracle (also known as the Usenet Oracle) FAQ

Solutions for Every Windows User

Windows Maintenance Skills (
The essential skills for someone who wants to maintain their Windows Machine
Windows Critical Updates, Step-by-Step (
Learn the hows and whys of the Windows Critical Update service from Microsoft
Free File Download Sites (
Internet File Download Resources
The Basic MS Windows Survival Guide (
Unless a few simple precautions are followed, your Windows machine is an accident waiting to happen.

Online Search Resources

Portal to Search Engines, News Resources and Databases (
Make this your Home Page
Portal News Resources (Publishers and Broadcasters) (
Links to the online arms of various traditional media news providers
Techniques for finding information on the Internet (
Help selecting what search engine to use for what sort of query, how to construct and modify a query, including Boolean Queries

Online Privacy, Security and Freedom

Privacy and Anti-Spam Links (
Privacy and Anti-Spam Links
Reichel.Net Statement of Privacy Policy (
What we don't do with your data...

Tips and Tools for Web Developers

The Apache Webserver, and related resources. (
Portal to information regarding Apache and related software technology
Graphics Tools for Web Design (
Graphics Tools for Web Design
Web Design Standards and Practices (
Design for Interoperability and Maintainability: Links to Web Design Standards Resources
RGB to Color Name Mapping (Triplet and Hex) (
RGB to Color Name Mapping (Triplet and Hex)
Web Design, Script Libraries and Resources (
Script Repositories and Tools
Web Design, Validation and Content Management Tools (
Suggested tools for the Web Designer

Open Source Software and Linux

An Introduction to Open Source Software (
GPL, Open Source, Fresh Meat, Source Forge, Linux, Linux Advocacy
Linux Advocacy Page (
Reichel Systems Support Specializes in Linux Based Systems
Top 10 List: Why Linux is Better Than Windows (
If you have heard that Linux is better because it doesn't crash, that's just part of the picture. Check out Reichel System Support's Top 10 List of Linux Advantages

Reichel Systems Support

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Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Consumables - Order On-line - Free Shipping in some instances!
Vendors Supporting Legacy Equipment (
New Life for Old Iron
Reichel Systems Support Clients (
Reichel Systems Support Clients
Reichel Systems Support Services and Rates (
Contract programming: ANSI C Delphi Visual Basic Perl PHP dBase Foxpro, LAN/WAN design and implementation, network support/administration, systems integration, internet hosting, based in Southeast Florida
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Support this Site by Ordering Dialup Internet Access from Earthlink!
Surplus Computer Equipment from Reichel Systems Support (
Used Intel Based PC's, Dot Matrix Printers, Routers, Multiplexers, Phone Systems - Located in Southeast Florida