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Computer technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. At no other time in history has any technology developed as quickly (and with no end in sight) as computer technology. Waste is, however, an unfortunate downside to this progress. Functional computers are needlessly discarded in favor of newer units, since new software technologies and system design philosphies such as THIN CLIENT systems can offload processing from the workstation to central servers and minimize bandwidth requirements as opposed to Citrix and other Network Computing implementations.

Operating Systems and Technology for
Legacy Equipment

Freedos LogoFreeDOS is ideal for anyone who wants to bundle a version of DOS without having to pay a royalty for use of DOS. FreeDOS will also work on old hardware, in DOS emulators, and in embedded systems. FreeDOS is also an invaluable resource for people who would like to develop their own operating system. While there are many free operating systems out there, no other free DOS-compatible operating system exists.
Links to free and shareware products for putting ancient computers on the internet!

Remember "DR DOS"? Caldera Systems has a rather interesting history, including winning a major lawsuit against Microsoft. In the early 90's, Novell bought Digital Research, with their product: D.R. DOS. After a few years, that division was purchased by some Novell executives and a new corporation was formed, Caldera (Latin for "cauldron", FWIW)

Caldera's Products include:
  • Open Dos
  • Open Linux with Netware Directory Services
  • Caldera Thin Client Technology
  • Various Network Computing Technologies

Caldera Systems, Inc.Caldera Systems Businesses scrap millions of perfectly usable systems each year when just their operating systems are obsolete. See what this company is doing to make your current business machines useable into the next century! Older systems such as 486DX/66 with 16+ Megs Ram can be used as graphical workstations to access state of the art business applications.

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