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Mission Statement

To Design, Implement and Support highly reliable and cost effective internet and locally based business systems. Emphasis is placed on the use of Open Source Software and use of the customer's existing (legacy) hardware when practical.

To assist clients with Marketing Support Strategies including the use of direct mail, OPT-IN email broadcasts and the adaptation/enhancement of the client's printed marketing materials to Web and Email based delivery.

Technical Services

  • Website Development & Hosting
  • Custom Application and Database Development
  • Contract Programming
  • Accounting and Finance Application Support
  • Data-com and Telephone System Support
  • Unix * Xenix * Linux * Windows * DOS * OS/2 Platform Support
  • Netware Servers * NT Servers * Linux Servers
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Internet Hosting and Email Services
  • Website Design
  • LAN/WAN/Firewall Design, Installation and Administration
  • Diagnostic and Security Evaluation
  • On-site Service and Repair
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Onsite Service: $110.00/hr 2 hr minumum
    Travel Time: 30 mins free, then $65.00/hr

  • In-Shop Hardware Repair/Configuration: $75.00/hr
    (rounded up to nearest 30 minutes)

  • Systems Analysis/Requirements
    $75.00/hr (usually applied to subsequent service fees)

  • Programming/Scripting: $70.00/hr
    (hours per invoice in excess of 10.0 are $60.00)

  • Website Design & Maintenance: $60.00/hr
    (hours per invoice in excess of 10.0 are $50.00)

  • Database Design/Data Conversion: $80.00/hr

  • Phone Support/Remote Troubleshooting:
    $60.00/hr $30.00 minimum per incident

Got Linux? Linux makes a great firewall and network address translating gateway to share an internet connection through your entire office. Let Reichel Systems Support help you maximize the value and security of your internet connection.

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