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Sci-Fi Channel Dominion

provides Program Schedules, Previews and Searchable Reference information. This site is oriented toward movies and Television as opposed to Sci Fi Literature.
(139 accesses)

Catalog of music and video clips. This site is dedicated to the convergence of the Internet and traditional entertainment and broadcast industries.
(162 accesses)
Internet Movie Database

"The IMDb is the ultimate movie reference source and covers everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies."
(150 accesses)

"MusicSearch... celebrating almost 3 years as the 100% free music-only resource on the web."
(143 accesses)
Accomodation Search Engine

"This search engine / directory / guide will help you find the ideal b&amp;b, hotel or resort from over 30,000 hotels, lodging establishments, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts and accomodation web pages around the world."
(150 accesses)
Whatis.Com Logo
Whatis.Com Tech Encyclopedia

Explore this site if you want to know more about computers and internet technology!
(134 accesses)
Cornell Law Library

Links news, legal, weather, directory, library, search, travel and general reference information.
(135 accesses)

Catalog of lawsuits and public records. This is a for-pay subscription based service. I list it here not as an endorsement, but simply because it represents a class of information resource.
(182 accesses)

Southeast Florida Library Information Network, Inc. If you live or conduct business in South Florida, you should certainly take the time to get familiar with this resource. Seflin also provides free internet access to local residents. Applications are available at the public libraries.
(132 accesses)
NCSA logo
The Internet Resource Meta-Index

Operated by the National Center for Super-computing Applications, this site is the grand-daddy of all internet research tools, with links mainly to library and academic information resources.
(183 accesses)
Librarian's Index to the Internet

The Librarians' Index to the Internet is a searchable, annotated subject directory of more than 4,700 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries. It's meant to be used by both librarians and non-librarians as a reliable and efficient guide to described and evaluated Internet resources.
(145 accesses)
The Grant Writer's Resource Page

These are the best of 2000+ links on grant funding found while exploring funding for development of a project management information system for Project Lake Worth and Lake Worth Community Development Corp in April 1999 Good hunting!
(146 accesses)

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